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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Subject:Help Wanted
Time:9:55 am.
Going to be in Chicago from 20-DEC to 2-JAN. Looking for someone to come over to my place twice or thrice to check on the cats, as G+K will be gone. As a bonus, you can play with the new Nintendo Wii! (Just make sure to put the controller back in the couch container so Ashwen doesn't chew on the cords)
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Subject:I remembered...
Time:1:22 pm.
Mood: depressed.
March 22, 2006.

Happy Birthday Thomas Micheal Hendrick.
May you rest in peace.

I miss you, Dad. Happy Birthday.
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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Time:12:58 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
First-Annual Vistagy Golf Scramble (was on Wednesday)
Bob Flory My Boss
Tom Hendrick (WTF?)

Scored +11 to win it all. Last time I actually played golf was Summer 2000 before I moved from San Diego to Boston. Bizzare. Got my picture and name on a plaque that will be hanging somewhere in the office, though I don't know where just yet.
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

Time:9:22 am.
Mood: tired.
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. NSFW
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Friday, March 25th, 2005

Time:1:51 pm.
Mood: anxious.
While perhaps too little, too late to save my marriage with Katy, I do want to change myself. I need to start reaching out to people more, and asking for help.

Is anyone doing anything this weekend that wouldn't mind another warm body to join the fracas? I promise to leave the unchecked libido of days gone by at home. I just want to get out some, and feel some life around me, to remind myself I'm still alive, and life still goes on.

I know a great many people I have alienated throughout the course of my stay in Boston. I know a few people have since moved away. But, the first part of starting over, is starting over.
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Subject:My depression is crushing me...
Time:11:53 am.
Mood: depressed.
My post from my Everquest Boards today:

I know this is the last thing you need right now.

I find myself becoming more frustrated with things as time goes on. Even with our raid performance improving -- I'm finding it harder and harder to bite my tongue and respond during raids. I'm finding it frustrating I need to ask someone else to tell everyone else "Sylv is going to check something, don't follow him." I feel further frustration, almost infuriatingly so, about the double-standard held between me and everyone else regarding comments made in fdkills.

I say something, it is me trying to run the raid -- "Syl, knock it off."
Anyone else says something, they just mischanneled it maybe -- "Okay, game faces on."

Vinces asked me, in a response to one of my threads in here, "Dash asked you to do admin stuff. Can you do that? That is what you need to decide." Up until last night, I thought I could. Now, I think the answer to that is no, Vinces. More importantly, I think the real question being asked was "can you do what we asked you to do, and stop doing the thing that annoys us so much?" I think the answer to that question is also 'no'.

You tell fdofficer:1 'I agree w/ Vinces'
You tell fdofficer:1 'I think if we engaged earlier'
You tell fdofficer:1 'We would have been fine.'
Dashmoo tells fdofficer:1 'Syl..'
Dashmoo tells fdofficer:1 'You're doing it again.'

I sent a /tell to Tien asking what I was doing that was a problem. He had no idea.
I sent a /tell to Vinces asking what I was doing that was a problem. He said "Don't worry. You are fine."

Barbara, Chris -- I need a break. I just can't deal like this. I would say why, but I was the only one ever really concerned with the why. I'll just tell you the what.

I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I don't need this stress right now. For the betterment of the guild, I think it best I take a break from the game. If this means losing my officer status, so be it. I can't say when I'll be back.

I'm not posting this on any General Member or Recruit boards. Only here. You don't need the drama. I don't need the stress.

= Tom.
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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Subject:Pain unlike any I've known
Time:10:18 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Everquest is no more.
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Friday, June 13th, 2003

Subject:The Final Ding
Time:10:29 am.
Mood: accomplished.
[65 Arch Convoker] Strax <Divine Hopazi>

Sometimes asking for some help isn't a bad thing.
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Friday, February 21st, 2003

Subject:Goals and Dreams
Time:2:01 pm.
Mood: happy.
About goals...Collapse )
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Monday, December 23rd, 2002

Subject:Such that others may know and enjoy...
Time:3:42 pm.
Mood: geeky.
... mm-mm goodCollapse )
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Thursday, December 5th, 2002

Subject:Gift ideas for me for not-much-money
Time:5:56 pm.
Mood: busy.
So, I am, according to my mother, and many others, very difficult to shop for as far as gifts and such for holidays if you're on any kind of reasonable budget. My "wants" are often geeky computer hardware which are quite expensive (like new video cards, RAM, or similar).

However, this year, I have a set of nice ideas that will help if people decide to shop for me. My cube at work is nice, but it doesn't really feel "personalized". So, wonderful gifts would be anything that might make my cube look/feel more "comfy" and "mine".

Some general ideas:
+ Animals (dragons or kitties) that sit on top of my monitor(s).
+ Action Figures (Dragonball Z, SSX tricky, Final Fantasy X)
+ Calendar so I have some idea as to what day it is. (I prefer hang-on-wall to sit-on desk)
+ Nameplate for my desk or for the cube wall

There's also a few other "types" of gifts that might be reasonable:
+ A new PS2 controller to replace the one w/ sticky buttons.
+ Porn DVDs (*grin*)
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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002

Subject:Well, that didn't take long....
Time:5:20 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
Tom you are such a fucking moron.
Do you have any brains whatsoever?
Can you keep your fucking mouth shut for a change?
Can you once, just once sit quietly, and not disturb everyone around you?

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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

Subject:It's been a while...
Time:10:52 pm.
Mood: tired.
So, a great many things have happened in my life since the past time I wrote here. I've been doing my usual mental grinding on them -- letting them sift through the gears in the back of my head at their own speed.

For those of you who do not yet know, Katy and I will be getting married December 14th, 2003 in Manchester NH. If I have anything to do with this, it will be a massive production. Let's face it, when else can I have people pay attention to me for an entire night? I might as well get as much out of it as I can. :)

The Job has been going very, very well. For the first time I really enjoy what I'm doing, even though I have a hard time reading one of my two bosses' moods. I don't work with any morons or assholes (that I can tell, so far), and with the help of my adderall and stuff, I've been able to keep my shit together without any real trouble. I've even been getting to work between 7:30 and 8:30 every morning, and staying until about 6 or 8 each night. I *heart* my job.

I've resumed playing Everquest, as massive changes have been put through to make the game enjoyable, and significantly more reasonable than before. Wyndam just received his first upgrade of equipment in over a year tonight. Katy's rogue is twinked like crazy.

Saw lots of people at a Halloween party last night at Galen+Kristen's. Saw Melissa for the first time in a long time. She seems happy to be with Eric. I'm glad. It didn't take a genius to see she wasn't comfortable with me being there. I admit I was uncomfortable as well. Why she was angry with me was no mystery. Why she continues to be, however, is. I feel there is little I can do about it, however.

Not sure how Alys is doing. Last I checked things were really looking up over there, as she had a boyfriend, and was hoping to be able to stay longer. I can't help but wonder how she feels about Katy and I getting married. I hope she isn't hurt.

House things are okay. We have a few maintenance problems at the moment. Finances are tight, and at times it feels like I'm 'holding up the entire house'. I'll get by somehow. I always have.

I'm tired at the moment, and fairly groggy. Probably going to bed soon to wake up on time for work tomorrow.
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Subject:giggly bits...
Time:3:54 pm.
Mood: mischievous.
I would like to officially say that I am someone's thing-that-sounds-like-a-french-pastry! Yay for me!

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Friday, October 4th, 2002

Subject:Geek Humor
Time:10:29 am.
Mood: geeky.
Brace yourself...Collapse )
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Saturday, September 21st, 2002

Time:10:36 am.
Mood: contemplative.
The hardest part about getting married is probably figuring out the reception party afterwards. It is often the most fun part of the whole deal, given that it is often just an expensive catered party for everyone to dance. But, we seem to have a small disagreement...

Katy wants basically an extension of the ceremony. Sort of a nice, white-ishly decorated dance hall, with tables surrounding the dance floor, and lots of food. She originally wanted one gi-normous 4-teir marbled cake with white frosting. It took a little bit of convincing, but she is willing to compromise on a 3-teir cake for the center, and two 2-teir cakes on the sides. My cakes would be coming from William's Bakery, white icing on yellow cake. Chicken dance has been mutually vetoed. As for some of the other stuff, I think the Best Man's speech is okay, but she's still wavering on the whole boquet/garter throwing thing.
As for the ceremony, she wants renaissance dress, with (basically) the dress from the movie Ever After. She wants me to wear a laced velvet shirt, with satin laces on the sleeves and chest. She also wants me to wear a draped cloak, attached at the shoulders much like the roman legionnarres would wear, except attached at the back. I said I would only agree to that if we dressed Ben up as the flower-girl. Either that, or he could officiate the wedding as Julius Ceaser, with a wreath around his head, and wearing an embroidered Toga.

Tom on the other-hand, wants a more tribal, visceral style reception. This would happen at night, outdoors, around a huge dug firepit, with several steers roasting on spits. All the men would be allow to wear only a loincloth, bowtie, and cummerbund. All the women would be allowed only a cocanut bra, and a grass skirt, and perhaps a floral wreath for their hair. The music would be supplied by tribal drums, and after dinner was served a massive sexual orgy would ensue. Haven't worked out the rules just yet, other than I get to shoot the first load. There would be no DJ, and no chicken-dance. Lots of face and body-paint for all (edible of course). "or-derves" would be served from the bodies of one or two naked women on one table, and one or two naked men on the other. Choose your appetizers carefully... *grin*
Katy's raised eyebrow told me there would probably have to be some compromises in this plan somewhere. I told her the cats could come along, but no dice. I'm still attempting to ascertain the problem(s) with this plan. It seems perfectly reasonable to me...

Luckily, we've got some time to think about this. Perhaps we could have the "formal" reception in the afternoon, and the "informal" one in the evening. More thought is required. Anyways, other stuff to do today. More later.
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Friday, August 30th, 2002

Subject:Just some general information...
Time:2:45 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
Just a simple phone call...Collapse )
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Sunday, July 21st, 2002

Subject:PRESS RELEASE - [for immediate release]
Time:1:31 pm.
Mood: geeky.

[Boston, MA] - The Institute for the Advancement of Socially Inept White Guys have released an interim standard for their current project. Project Director Katy Hernandez is confident that a resolution will be reached in the near future for a more permanent standard. "We needed something that we could use while the Standards Review Board worked through the details of the new standard," said Keith. "With this obstacle at least out of the way for the time being, we can continue research, hopeful that any results found along the way can easily be converted to the approved standard."

When asked about the confusion, Dr. Hernandez said, "Well, this project involves the collaboration from many different scientific communities. The original project used Pounds-per-Square-Inch (psi). As the project expanded, our counterparts in Europe used the metric system, and wanted Kilograms-per-Square-Meter (ksm). Some of the older-school scientists wanted to use Furlongs-per-Fortnight (FpF). Naturally this provided the basis for a lot of arguing. The release of the new standard, I feel, has renewed the focus on the research, instead of the semantics."

The current research, dubbed "Project RedHammer", is attempting to ascertain the gravity associated with certain non-inept subjects with respect to redheads of the opposite sex. The long-term hopes for this project are to isolate the property or properties that maximize this gravity, and to produce a hormonal treatmant for those with insufficient redhead gravity.

Project Administrator Heather Keith had this to say about the state of the American Studies: "We have been attempting to find the specific qualities that afflict our socially inept white guy subjects by examining non-socially-inept white guys in a controlled environment. Our current subject of study is fraterrisus. This subject has been very successful in providing us significant data for study. This subject also inspired the interim standard of measure, the cordes."

The cordes is the name for the interim standard being used by the scientific community for the time being. One cordes is defined as being equal to :

one cordes = 60 kilograms
meter2 * °C
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Thursday, May 9th, 2002

Subject:The NYEP
Time:3:16 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
Before anyone reads this following, understand that this is only my account of things, and if you wish to be angry at someone, listen to their side of the story first.

The Gory DetailsCollapse )
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Subject:Before we go any further...
Time:2:51 pm.
Mood: drained.
I feel quite drained of all optimism this week.

First there was the cancelled interview on Monday. Then there was calling the temp agency to find out that they have nothing for me. Then there was searching on helpwantedboston.com and finding the site sucks.

Now this is further compounded by the replies to my post yesterday, and once again feeling that it is "me vs. the world" with respect to my sexuality and feeling a certain person taking every opportunity to use my sexuality against me in any way possible.

To cap it all off, there was a phone call this morning on my cell from a "restricted" number, and I opened the phone to answer it, but my thumb slipped off the lid and the phone closed hanging up on them. They didn't call back. No voice mail.

The last straw was the phone call about 20 minutes ago, someone telling me that my posts about them in LJ were possibly misleading, and made them feel very uncomfortable because "I was making private information public". The result was "I don't hate you or anything...".

Part of me wants to do they whole "overdramatic I don't care" speech about giving up, and hating the world, etc, etc. However, I am finding that I am becoming more and more intolerant of such overdrama. Why is it that I feel it necessary to do something catastrophic to get sympathy and/or attention? Dunno.

I am, in my next post, going to attempt to catalogue the details of what happened to me at "the New Year's Eve Party" that has got me so on-edge about all of this. Before anyone starts to hate someone for what I'm going to post, go and get their side of the story. I won't have anyone calling me telling me their friends hate them because of what I've said.
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